• Android Application Engineer

    Develop and maintain functional modules and frameworks of educational applications, and pre-research and introduce Android cutting-edge counting, so as to improve the product experience.
    Working place:ShenzhenDate:2021-09-18
  • 【Job responsibilities】
    1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of functional module and frameworks of educational applications.
    2. Responsible for pre-research and introduction of Android cutting-edge counting, so as to improve the product experience.
    3. Responsible for tackling core and key issues to ensure the success of projects.
    4. Put forward improvement suggestions for products according to the experience in the development process to ensure the software with good experience and good stability.

    【Job requirements】
    1. 1-3 years or above experience in developing Android applications. 
    2. Solid programming capability, proficient in design patterns and familiar with basic knowledge of data structure.
    3. Be familiar with the four components of Android and understand the Android system and framework layer.
    4. Independently or as a main programmer, should have completed the development of at least an application, pay attention to program design, and has certain program architecture ability.
    5. Pay attention to product experience and be proficient in the use and development of UI components, image animation, multithreading and other modules of Android platform.
    6. Familiar with the implementation principle of mainstream open-source projects, strong learning ability and excellent communication ability.
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