• Android System Engineer

    Develop interfaces of Android applications, customize and maintain system applications, and independently write the documents of module design.
    Working place:ShenzhenDate:2021-09-18
  • 【Job responsibilities】
    1. Responsible for the development of Android application interfaces.
    2. Responsible for the customization and maintenance of Android system applications.
    3. Cooperate with underlying team to complete the expansion and modification of the Feature upper (APP & Framework) functions, and independently write the documents of module design.

    【Job requirements】
    1. 1-3 years or above experience in Android application and framework development.
    2. Proficient in using Java language and design patterns, able to write high-quality code, understand C / C + +, and modify relevant code.
    3. Strong communication skills, able to actively solve problems, and good customer service awareness.
    4. Familiar with Android system framework and binder communication, and have in-depth research on AMS, WMS, PMS, surfacefinger, view and input architecture.
    5. Familiar with Android native APP, includes System UI, Settings, Launcher and etc.
    6. Proficient in using Android development tools. Have good ability to analyze and solve problems, and progress control.
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